Question Switched Ryzen 3700x , Computer will only boot with 1 stick of RAM. Need help

Aug 9, 2019
Bought a ryzen 3700x , x570 gaming x motherboard , and 8x2 ddr4 ram set (ballistix sport) . I installed it all and it would turn on normally but would not display anything. After messing with it for a long time I got it to boot , but would only do so if the first ram stick was installed in the a1 slot , even though the board says it should have a2 and b2 filled first. The second ram stick can not be installed at all , or swapped in place of a1, or it will not boot. The casing for the memory says "1.35v" but a second problem I have is the motherboard will not save settings. So I can enter the extreme memory profile to switch the voltage from 1.20v to 1.35, but it will not save after restarting , even using the save and exit feature. On top of all of this , even though it can boot to the desktop , it still powers on normally , but will take 2 or 3 minutes to display the bios screen and go from there (this could possibly just be easily fixed by changing quick boot option in the bios from disabled to enabled , or switching the load order of my drives , but like earlier stated, motherboard doesnt save settings) . At a complete loss at what to do , any help greatly appreciated.
Theses parts were added to an old build , with an 850w power supply , and 2 SSD's , and 1 HDD. The motherboard is on the most up to date version , and windows is activated as well.


Oct 17, 2018
Memory compatibility is bit sketchy on some 3000 CPUs. I have a 3600 that is really picky about which motherboard and memory I use. The bios’ are a little spotty at this stage as well. It sounds like your bios or motherboard might be at fault in this case. The settings not saving is a bit concerning. I’d see if there is a newer bios available. If it’s on the latest already I’d re flash it. If that doesn’t work I would reach out to the support at MSI. You may have a faulty mobo. The memory controller on the CPU might not be playin nice with the memory kit as well.