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Question system.exe - 100% Disk usage

Jul 2, 2019
hello, I have windows 10 and I keep getting 100% Disk usage from system.exe each time I open or close a program, depends on how laggy the program is.
When I login to my computer it's very slow and laggy and it takes a very long time to load everything including the antivirus.

I have tried disabling superfetch, windows search and diagtrack.
I tried to a chkdsk.
I tried using Disk defragmenter.
I tried updating windows
I tried updating all drivers.

just nothing worked to me.

please help, thanks.
While I wouldn't advocate it as a solution I had similar issues with my laptop with 100% disk usage. In the end, after a few months of searching for a solution (the same things you mentioned), I ended up having to fresh install Windows. Hasn't been an issue since. Might be something in Windows corrupted.
Perhaps your drive is actually beginning to fail, requiring 2-3 attempts to read/retrieve the data

(Check CrystalDiskINfo looking for failed/pending failure/reallocation sectors, etc.. (general consensus is, more than 1, and your spinning drive is likely headed downhill..sometimes faster than we'd like, and sometimes instantly/catastrophically)

Gather your needed drivers ahead of time from mainboard/laptop manufacturer...

Download the latest Win10 media creation tool straight from MS, and prepare a USB flash drive to get the installer...

Reinstalling will cure a simple glitch, but, if your drive is actually failing, these problems will likely susbsist, or even worsen...

(SInce having to do everything fresh anyway, good time to slap in a 500/1000 GB SSD (Crucial MX500 models are very reasonably priced these days, with even 1 TB only costing about $110)