System Initialization has Failed


Sep 13, 2011
I'm helping a friend fix her computer. She's an art student and has a tablet PC that needs the OS reinstalled. Normally this sort of thing is pretty easy.

When the Vista OEM disc is put in and the computer is booted a message:
System Initialization has failed.
After a few Google searches I'm finding that the CMOS battery is probably dead. However when checking the BIOS the date and time are correct.
I'm looking for some advise as to what's up.
I've attached some pictures

x Heavy

Aug 16, 2011
You stated that you are using a OEM Disk.

Is it possible you have exceeded the installation or made a drastic change into your system?

Does the Bios see the hard drive and correctly count the storage available?

Its not the cmos battery , but if you think it is then why havent you just changed it?

Show us the boot order screen in BIOS

and check the OEM disk is the one that shipped with the computer