Question System won't boot, motherboard cpu debug light turns on


Aug 17, 2019
So I recently built my pc, and it worked perfectly fine, now twice before it had turned off on its own when I was doing multiple things at once, or if I was running a newer game with a few background processes. Today it did the same thing except all I was doing was downloading a lot of things, it turned off and the lights and fans would flash on and off for about a second at a time, it had done thins before but it booted up after a minute or two. 20 minutes passed and still nothing, that's when I noticed my cpu debug led was on, I looked it up and I found that my cpu pins could be bent, but I took out my cpu and my pins seem fine, they are all slightly bent, but I looked up pictures of my motherboard and it seems to be completely normal. Any way to troubleshoot? I think it might be my power supply.

My specs:
Msi MPG Z390 Gaming Plus
i5 9600k
16GB DDR4 Corsair vengeance @3000mhz
Asus RTX 2070
750W power supply