TEch: Tron: "Sound Interface Error" but I have sound?


Dec 31, 2007
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Notes from last night's testing. If you have any ideas about these three
issues, please let me know. Some pics on the link below;

6. I noticed in the test mode, in the controls menu that when I tested the
spinner there was
a stripe of static on the screen. I did not notice this in gameplay.

7. In the test mode, I think in the self diagnostics, I got a "Sound
Interface Error" error. The sound was working so not sure what this means.

8. In the test mode / sound test - all effects sounded great except two of
the music items. I think it was the "success" and "fail" music. Anyway,
these two had noticable static on the line wheras others did not.

Thanks, James

Rescue Tron!


Archived from groups:,, (More info?)

6 and 7) There's nothing wring with your Tron... it's just one of the
test DIPs... SW8, I think?

Turn it off and you're all set.

8) Hmm... not sure... been a long time since I mucked with an MCR
boardset. I'll have to turn my attentions to my Spy Hunter (again)
pretty soon, but offhand I forget.