Testing computer hardware not under power.


Dec 17, 2008
I am wondering if anyone knows how a CPU, RAM, Motherboard (found a little information on this) outside of actually being used, the CPU more especially.

I had some big trouble with some gear shorting on me, and although I know atleast 1 mobo is stuff, I have no idea what condition 2 CPU's, 2 sticks of DDR3 and the other board are in.

Short of sticking them together and hoping for the best, I was hoping there may be some way to test these components not under power (with a multimeter or the like)?
There is equipment that can check your Ram and CPU but the cost of it is not suitable for the average joe. Your best bet would be to stick it all together and hope for the best. A bad stick of ram or a fried CPU will not mess up the motherboard it just wont post. Now a bad motherboard depending on whats wrong with it could damage components but its not likely.
As he said above, but do your testing out the case.

Stick mobo on a cardboard box and then stick bits in.

CPU ... should beep constantly as no ram.
1 stick RAM ... should give you 1 long and 3 short as no vga
VGA .. should progress with post and show image on screen.