Question Tests for GPU overclock stability?

Mar 5, 2019
I've been tweaking my Zotac RTX 2060, i remove my front panel so with an oc the temps dont really go aboce 75c as i have 6 fans in my case. I tried 120 mhz core increase and a 600mhz memory clock increase and it ran through Firestrike twice without and issue, but a youtube video about OCing his 2060 said his was stable at 115/500mhz (ik its different for each GPU) so i set back the OC to 115mhz on the core and 500mhz on the memory then onto a game of overwatch at the best settings that can cater 144 fps it ran through the first game well then the 2nd game GPU crashed ( im assuming ) as my pc screen froze and my monitor is hooked up to the GPU directly, So after making you read all this i want a solution to 100% stress test my gpu and set my OC settings once and never have to look back on them. ( im OCcing cause on firestrike i went up around 1000 points with the GPU OC alone )

Ryzen 2700x
Aerocool 650W Gold
1x16gb 3200mhz Hyperx Predator
Zotac RTX 2060


Nov 5, 2013
Game is the best test. In real world, testing software may show everything's fine yet you'll have a crash while gaming.

Test your OC with Furmark running for 10-20 minutes, then doublecheck with a heavy game. If it crashes, decrease the OC incrementally by 10 mhz


I've found FurMark to only be good for initial OC testing. (If it can't at least pass this...)

I use F@H (odd, I know) for 24h to test stability and its been flawless so far*.

F@H has coincidentally also been MUCH faster at finding system RAM errors than Prime95 or Memtest. We're talking 10 minutes compared to 19 hours.

*except for one game (Shadow Warrior 2) which crashed my driver on ANYTHING except auto-everything settings. I chalk that up to poor game code since I've never had this happen with any game prior or since.