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Mar 28, 2012
So here i have been seeing lately a lot of talk about the best consoles, i guess brought because of the talks lately of the new consoles. And while everyone discusses about which one is better they forget about the thing thats most important, the very same games that we play on them. So my question to you all whats your collection of best games? What games where you playing in your childhood? For me i would say the following are the best of the best:
WWF: No Mercy(N64)- Common this is like the holy grail of the series, this is so far the best game of wrestling ever. If you had a brothers or friends around the house a lot this was the kind of games you would had been playing, i know i did.
Donkey Kong(Nintendo)- What else to say? This game was as much fun as you want it to be. Sure when your little it sometimes became frustrating dying over and over, but that was all part of it.
Contra- Anyone must agree this game was so much fun. Specially since it wasn't that hard and you could play it with anyone really.The levels where so epic.
Kingdom Hearts(PS2)-Back when it came out when the first of the franchise came this game was something that got almost everyone's attention. The combination of Disney and Final Fantasy was something of which they have never done.
Donkey Kong Country-Great plataformer the graphics at the time where something beautiful, now that you look back into it. The swinging on things, riding on them the whole cartwheeling and all the water levels must say they knew what they were doing when they did that game. :D
KoTOR(knights of the Old Republic)- The story was on par with the best of Start Wars.The whole element of choosing your own destiny your own decisions, and the game's combat style was all good.
Gran Turismo 3- Best car racing game ever, evn on top of GT5 i will dare say.
Super Smash Bros Melee-This game when it came was "IT" i remember playing this countless of hours with my brothers holding tournaments to see who was better, while eating pizza. The trophies, the combat style, the character selection,the maps, items, you name it the game... no the series is one of the best hands down.
Sonic CD- Before they tun it on an open world when they stood real to plataforms this game was real fun.
Soul Calibur- Awesome graphics and push the Dreamcast up to what it was.
Final Fantasy X- For me my favorite is final fantasy x but you guys tell me which one is your. But in any case you cant go wrong with any FF.
Counter Strike- Nowhere else will you find competition like you did on this game. This game is more about skills than anything.
Metal Gear Solid 3-What can i say that you don't know? ;)
Super Mario Kart- Why i didn't put the others in the series simple cause they are lack pure simple skill in driving. The other add another complex gameplay while its fun i still prefer the original.
Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos-The Reign of Chaos and Frozen Thrones are still something that i play with that kind of plot and in depth characters it feels like an RPG. With the Hero characters it changed how the game was play because it could change the whole tide of battle.
Rock Band 2- From wireless to importing songs from the previous games.
Halo 3-For me halo 3 was the best of both world with awesome story line and a die for multiplayer. Plus the ability to do costume games, Saved Films, forge.
GTA:San Andreas: My favorite of the franchise along with Vice City.
Elder Scroll 4- Oblivion- The freedom offer in the world of Cyrodill was one of the best things. Even if you didnt follow the main quest the game still offers an awesome story line along an awesome gameplay.
Super Mario 64- The first game of the N64 and one of the best i think. Each world had so many things to offer that you often lost sight of the main goal.
World of Warcraft- You know it was coming! Many MMOs have tried to produce that spark or special blend that makes WoW what it is today . Even for me a person that have played it for many years i still have things to do. Even tough i must agree the storyline have been lately getting out of place it sitll fun. Its a game that keeps me coming for more.
Batman: Arkham Asylum- Finally a game of Batman worth the time and investment. I mean they got all the pieces finally together. The Batman that was intelligent and roguh against crime at the same time. Here you see the Detective side of Batman in action, you see him solving riddles and outsmarting villains as often he punches them.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare- Here we have a game that has all the elements needed to keep people coming for back. While i find it personally not competitive "like". I will say that the story was awesome it took it to the next level. Must say tough that in comparison Blackops had a better Multiplayer than MW3.
Resident Evil 4- One of the few games where anyone who finishes it starts it again. This game had everything going on for them, they had the perfect formula of sense of fear, i mean the inhability to aim while u move . This game haves an awesome gameplay which probably sat the standards for all the other games of the series.
Bioshock-I mean common the story, the twist. The game was bizarre but it was brilliant. The characters where all but boringplus the atmosphere in the whole game keeps you in the edge, terrified.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves-It was a combination i would say of plataform and puzzle solving all while running from bullets explotions all over the place it was all a sequence of breathless action.
Mass Effect 2- Did you really thought it wasnt here? This is everything we expect form a top tier game. I mena from the level of action and story telling is all hitting right in the nail.
Tetris- While it lacks almost everything, story, good music, good characters, graphics. I mean you name it, it lacks it. But this game i would say this game is more than that it represented videogames(its like the face). I would dare say almost everyone have play or knows of the game. You can give this game to someone that have never play games and he/she will get it. But its a game that as old as it is no one i know have ever mastered it.

Im pretty sure i left a lot of games out but this is my list, so feel free to post your list your opinion. Lets turn this into something we can all read and remember. So lets go all down the memory lane. :D
Ugh, too much effort to list all the games, I guess I'll put down the ones that I think made he most impact on my free time

Jagged Alliance 2 - game time probably in months, simply due to the amount of possibilities that were realized in a simplistic 2D engine.
StarCraft - the game was really good for its time, the story missions were really good and multiplayer was fun with friends
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 & 3 - very addicting and hot seat feature had a few of my friends spending almost entire weekends at my house.
Counter Strike Source - I have to say I first was introduced into the game at 1.4, but then had non-gaming period and got reintroduced into the game in 2006 on source. I mean there isn't much I can say about it, it's just the best FPS setup known to man.
Dota - this was equivalent of cocaine for my college days.

few things to mention on consoles:
Shenmue 1 & 2 (dreamcast/xbox) - absolutely epic proportions rpg with amazing story, so sad it never really took off.
Parasite Eve 2 (PS1) - this is akin to resident evil but for some reason I liked this game a lot more (to a point where I went through the single player 5 or 6 times)
Vanguard Bandits (PS1) - very good tactical game for its time with decent story and branching endings, fantastic and memorable music. Easily over 100hrs was put into this game.

That's it. Obviously I've played over 100 other games but I don't recall them as memorable, perhaps I'll edit this post later if I find the time.


Mar 28, 2012
Yep defenetly Counter Strike as the best FPS set up. I used to love it just because it was plain competition. Now i would go with BF3.