The Home Organizer Gift Guide 2018


Feb 13, 2017

It's always difficult searching for a unique gift for that friend or loved one who is laser-focused on keeping their office tidy. Check out these perfect gift ideas for the home office organizer who appreciates less clutter rather than more stuff.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner - 244.99
For organizers trying to get ahead of the paperwork game, a document scanner would be an excellent addition to the home office.

InterDesign Clarity Organizer Tote - 20.99
If you don’t have a ‘set’ home office and tend to drift between the kitchen table or the standing desk in another room, this organizing tote can save you time and peace of mind.

DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker - 89.99
What organizer doesn’t love labels? Label makers can be perfect gifts for those that have a business inside their home, especially if they need to hold inventory.

3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart - 49.99
Utility carts are great if you want to kill two birds with one stone: having a place to put all your office supplies that can also follow you across the room.

Bamboo Storage Box Drawer Organizer Set - 22.93
If you’re more of a traditional organizer and keep your supplies in drawers, box sets are great! Never again will you have to dig through a drawer to look for that one highlighter or stamp you know about.

OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush - 4.95
This double ended cleaner will help even the best home organizers keep a clean keyboard! With a brush and and a silicon end for sweeping dust and hard to reach places, no tiny electric nook is subject to the dust gunk anymore.

Do you have gift ideas? Let us know in the thread! We want to hear any and all ideas you have to give the Home Organizer in your life. If you're an organizer yourself, share your wish list with us!