the "load /high" command


Dec 31, 2007
Does anyone have any experience with this command loading programs?
i found it on another win2000 tweaking page somewhere.

how much faster and smoother does it make programs run?

for those that dont know apparently you can modify the command line of a program (like in its icon) to load and run at a defined priority

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Dec 31, 2007
I think you're confusing that with "start ... /high". The "load ... high" convention was used back in the DOS days when you had to load memory-resident programs in upper memory to make more room for other programs.

"Start .../<whatever>" is the command in NT and 2K that allows you to set the priority class of a user application. Open a command prompt and run 'start /?' to get a full list of parameters. "Start ... /high" will tell 2K to give more processor ticks to that application than normal, which may make the app run a little faster if you have a bunch of other things running. More often than not, if you're only running one app, using /high probably won't make it noticeably faster.

Oh, and be very careful with /realtime. :wink:

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