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The plan is to put an i5, or i7 on it, and then try to find a riser card for the GPU. Its gonna be like mobo and cpu flat down, monitor above it, and then the riser card is sitting next to the monitor if you get what I mean


Jan 10, 2014

This one-
Chose it over the k70 non rgb and the duck shine 3 and it was a great descion

Are they blue?


So where did AIO chassis' and thin mitx boards go wrong?

Don't get me wrong bossyfins, your project brings a lot of (new)things to the table but it brings more questions of how it will be implemented and what will be sacrificed in order to achieve those goals. Laptop form factor isn't laptop form factor when you make it as big as the MSI docking station with cooling solutions since you'll yet need a 120mm fan mount not to forget that some of the other components will require cooling to facilitate longevity of the components and circuitry as a laptop is designed to have the fan pull air over the components and exhausts the CPU and/or GPU heat in the process. Same goes for an AIO.

have you made any orders out to customize your keycaps? I've been following Pimp My Keyboard for a while now but never followed up on customer experience(s).


Hmmm, that's sounds interesting! If you're looking for a matx version of Compact Splash then there's one fella, Auxilium, goes by the name Project Arctic but the sad part is that the poor fella can't generate attention due to OCN's rep rule. I think he moved to where those sort of rules are relaxed though you'd need to PM him if he's made any progress with machining the 20 or so cases.

You also have Hex Gear and Parvum systems to look forward to where Hex's cases are for matx and Parvum just released their X1.0 chassis. With the Parvum though you can contact Justin&Shawn and have them make out custom acrylic work on the case itself and have them ship it to you.

If you're interested in the Compact Splash scene I know one fella who is willing to let go of his but in itself is a big undertaking since moving to a Splash is about alot of compromises but with the bite for having 360mm of rad space internally.

The Ncase M1 may be recommended but with the numbers now going to the 1000's already sold I would sway you away from one and it can house a max of 240mm rad space...don't get me started on if its a good case for watercooling(because its not)

Loneindustries cases are for people who need something to replace their laptops - I don't think they are available now but you can find James on [H]

Oh and lastly you can hit up Joshua on NFC-systems. He's a real swell guy - if you're not looking to watercooling and very small machines on aircooling then you can drop him a line via contact us. Chances are the S3 mini will be available this Spring...?Not sure though.

^ All of the above are in a niche of their own so compromises will definitely need to be made and they will set you back with premium pricing(though worthy) and in some instances high shipping costs.

If you're asking for suggestions from mass case manufacturers; Showcased in CES this year you have the Deepcool Tristellar+Pentower Silverstone's RZV02, Phanteks Enthoo Evolv itx

Oh and how could I forget, there's the EK vulture chassis that is currently being run around the mod community before it gets proper exposure and final MRP and launch. To add to that bundle, PDXLAN will bring in an announcement from Caselabs about the X2 chassis.

I'm a little busy so can't dig up all the links to those cases :( sorry stick + Don't ask me which route I'd pick - I'm heavily biased with Compact Splash :D - already own 4.

Thanks for the mention bud! :thumb:



I saw EVGA was taking pre orders on a 980TI Kingpin variant, but I'm not expecting that to come cheap. :lol:


May 26, 2014

It's $ thanks


This is yet considered cheap compared to the 780Ti Kingpin that almost touched the $900 mark. When you compared the GTX780Ti by Galaxy(back then) for $750 was considered a stellar steal for a card that was massively overclocked out of factory. Even now you have the GTX980HoF that is as of writing is about $100 cheaper than the Kingpin awaiting release.

news of the 980Ti's have yet to surface. But I'll add a $100 to that 980Ti Kingpin over the 980Kingpin for safety reasons :D

comical :D


Feb 5, 2015
Got the Enthoo luxe, and finished the build

Man, this case looks great in the night. I got 3 140's on the top as well. All of the fans for the case are all hooked up with the fan hub, and connected by the PWM CPU fan header, basically making this case silent (400 rpm!)