Question The sound on my laptop stops working when I move the laptop.

Jan 11, 2020
My laptop is an Asus x554l, with windows 10. When I turn it on, the sound works fines. As soon as I pick it up or adjust the screen, I hear a sound and the sound stops working. Sometimes it works again if I put in headphones but not always and if I move it again the headphones stop working too. When I restart the laptop the sound works normally again. I've tried updating the speakers driver in device manager and windows says that it is up to date. I've also uninstalled the driver and restarted the computer and that didn't help. Any idea on how to fix this? thanks.


Loose connection perhaps?

Does the current headphone jack fit firmly and securely into the laptop audio port?

If you gently wiggle, twist, and bend the current headphone's cable (end to end) are you able to make the audio start and stop?

Try using an audio extension cable between headphones and laptop. Just to determine if a different plug can make a difference. Current plug could be bent or otherwise out of alignment in some way.

Do your headphones work normally on another known working computer or audio system?

Does the problem occur if you use another set of headphones?

Key is to narrow down the possibilities.