Thinking about upgrading, several questions....


Apr 18, 2008
So right now I have an XFX 780i board, E8400@3.6Ghz (4.05 once the ambient drops for the winter =P), 8GB of OCZ 800, Corsair 750TX, 750GB WD Green, and a 500GB and 160GB Seagate Barracudas. For graphics I have an EVGA GTX260 Core 216 55nm (896-P3-1255-AR), bought it when they originally came out for ~260. Now granted they're now about $160 I'm thinking about another one.

Will this be a good upgrade for the time being? (I'll probably consider i5 in the Spring/next summer) Will it hold up till then in terms of performance. I'm looking for a bit of an edge on my somewhat lower framerates at 1680x1050 when I put settings higher in things like Far Cry 2.

That is my first plan, but is there any better options? (I don't like the idea of re-selling my GTX260, unless there is a card/cards that is worth it beyond a doubt. I can spend $180 most, and if I were to resell it I think I would get ~130-140 for it. So...$320 is about the MAX that I can possibly spend at this moment (including resale of current card.)

Thanks for any help and advice in advance!