Thinking of upgrading, but cant decide...


Nov 6, 2007
Well, i've finnally decided to upgrade my super old computer :p

My current motherboard has reached its max limit, and i just cant upgrade it anymore, so im thinking of buying a new one.

Currently im stuck on either a Asus Striker Extreme or a MSI P6N Diamond.

Ive been reading around for the last week or so, and ive found good things about both boards, and at the same time some bad things. Sometimes even some major bugs, which i am kinda worried about.

Anyways, you guys are the pros :p, so i was hoping maybe you guys can help me out.

BTW, as of right now, i can get both at about the same price, so you can factor out cash as an a way.


PS. I currently have a Pent 4 3.0GHZ, but i will be upgrading that to a q6600, after i get mobo. Also, i am planning to swtich out my current ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro, for a new 8800gt. And finally i currently run on 2gb (2x1gb sticks) PYN 667mhz Ram.
I would check the motherboard manufacturer's page for recommended memory. See if yours is on the list. Some even list recommended voltage settings, so you can adjust the setting in the bios on the first post.