Question Thinkpad T460 Screen is blank with white lines?

Aug 29, 2022
I have a Thinkpad T460 and the left portion of the screen when "disturbed" in a particular manner would turn defect by distorting to white lines. I dropped the laptop in the past and on the lower right hand corner there is a "impact mark", none the less it still works. Today I dropped it from 5 feet and it hit the ground closed directly on the back side of the screen. Now when I turn it on it is black with several white lines in the middle and to the left and right of the screen. When I enter my password and login it becomes several white lines uniformly distributed through out the screen, being more or less blank and slowly dims on the corners. The laptops screen was somewhat "dislodged" so I put it back together and secured it but there is a portion of the laptop that is "dislodged" on the bottom of the screen that I can not fasten back to the "screen structure". How can I fix this or do I need to buy a new screen? Why, from an engineering/technical point of view, is my laptop doing this? If I broke something or if something needs to he addressed what is it EXACTLY?