Feb 22, 2012
more a solution than a question. i hope your viewers will find this interesting...

i have a compaq evo desktop pentium 4 which sounded like a jet engine taking off...tried every suggestion on every board i could find on this topic, and believe me theres quite a buzz about this consistent problem with compaq. Heres how i solved my problem.
After figuring out their elaborate Transformers locking system and Lambroghini folding hardware locks, i removed the ridiculous WIND TUNNEL heat sinc and knowing that the fan at the end of it was hooked to a sensor which relays power according to cpu temp (the source of 90% of the noise) i figured putting a smaller fan in it would do it. so that is what i did, replacind the windheatsync with the new fan hooked directly to the power supply so that it was always on and QUIET. after the standard boot up process, however, i had about 15 mins of video watching before my True Blood eps went all choppy and the thing shut down with the dreaded red light a-blinkin! Obviously not enough of a breeze in there. What to do...i had to think about it for a while but finally ended up removing the fata$$ heat sync completely. i then pried a smaller heat sync with attached fan out of a late model Celeron tower and strategically placed it over the cpu, giving just enough leeway when closed up for air intake, and hooked it to the sensor (cpu fan motherboard plug). so now i have 2 fans on the cpu, 1 pulling air through the bloody fake-alluminum UFO air duct they got on the front of it, the other sitting on top of the considerably smaller heat sync. Now the thing purrs like a kitten, and im into 2 hours of vidz right now and not so much as a stutter! Obviously this solution does not apply to laptops, unless thet r making fans that are wafer-thin these days...

I have thought about making a blog about this, cuz it seems to be a prevalent problem...hope i have been of some assistance here.

Sean Le Rats