Question Tiny ATX(Sliger Cerberus X) build with 10900K?

Aug 23, 2019
Hello I'm thinking of building new PC with 10900K and Z490.. but worried about heat issue.

I've already bought Sliger Cerberus X case and bequite! Dark Rock TF cooler for the case(best air cooler for this case besides Noctua NH-C14S).
However after buying the cooler, I've noticed the 220W TDP sign on the cooler box.
I'm pretty sure stock 10900K's load TDP will be much higher than 220W TDP? do you think I'll have overheating issue?

If yes, what do you think would be the best solution? i.e.
  1. get better cooler, i.e. AIO cooler
  2. get cooler CPU, i.e. 10900(non K) or 10700(non K)
  3. just get 10900K and run it slightly underclocked if needed
  4. CPU will automatically limit itself IF it overheats so there won't be any issue.
I probably won't need to worry about the any overheating issue if I use AIO cooler, but I like using large air cooler, never been a fan of AIO cooler.


We can't be 100% sure until NDAs are lifted and actual reviews are out.
Until then, people will just be 2nd guessing - imagine a 9900K/KS with 2 cores and 4 threads more, and higher frequencies too... :hot:
The 10700K is basically the 9900K/KS...

If yes, what do you think would be the best solution? i.e.
1)A single 240mm isn't going to cut it for that monster if they weren't enough for the 9900K:
You'd have to custom cool it in the Cerberus X - it can accommodate 2x 240mm rads. Another plus to custom loop in order to overclock it...

2)Since you already have the 9900KS, the 10700K is redundant.
The 10900(non-K) in a Z490 mobo just seems... off, you know?

3)That's... also redundant, but it's your money.
You should make it clear that this is a novelty thing, and not for performance.

4)Not so sure about that one. Unlike AMD's Ryzen 3000 cpus, Intel's don't care about temps. Even at 98C, the 9900K will still run at 5.0ghz. It won't slow down until it hits the 100C critical limit.
I shouldn't have to say how bad running that hot is for the cpu in the long run... there are 2 types of degradation, thermal and electrical.

^Again, that's all 2nd guessing based on the 9900K/KS.

You could kinda apply that Soviet Russia meme between the 2 brands' cpus:
In Intel, you take care of the cpu.
In AMD, cpu takes care of you.
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Mar 27, 2019
Nobody knows how that 10900k behaves until we get reviews. I think it will be smoking hot if you do not tinker with it.
The cerberus x is very well build and ventilated. Wait for reviews and dont rush out and buy stuff. Maybe the chip reacts positive to undervolting, who knows?