Discussion To Anyone Having The Same Or A Similar Problem: Check That Your Graphics Card Is Seated In Properly.

Aug 25, 2022
This is a conclusion of my MSI B560M-A PRO being unable to POST or taking longer to POST if the display is connected via DVI-D... but working fine if connected to HDMI.
At first I thought this was some incompatibility of the motherboard's firmware with DVI outputs, after all its a very recent mobo... and DVI-D is fairly outdated and on its way out... but that still didn't make much sense... because then why would the board have a D-SUB output on its back?

Opened Radeon Software and noticed the card was running in PCIe 3.0 x2 mode... and not x8 as it was supposed to...
I then reopened the case, removed then reinserted the card into the slot... and tightly screwed its bracket on to the case... so it wouldn't move and cause bad contact issues...
Voilá... I can finally use my trusty DVI-D cable again... mobo is working fine now.

One more detail: I even felt the machine became more stable after doing this. Hope I haven't damaged this brand new motherboard in any way...
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