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^ My latest purchase :bounce::D

Upgraded from a horrible AMD based laptop(I know, have cursed myself enough already) with A10 7300 and R7 265.

This new baby is rocking an 8300H with a GTX 1050ti. The model is the Asus TUF FX504. More than enough for my intensive DotA2 sessions and occasional casual gameplay.

Planning to use this till the end of 2020, by which time I hope to save a decent amount like 2000 usd for my entry into the #PC Master race.


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Core i9 9900K | AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming iTX/AC | Lian Li PC Q37 | 32GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200 MHz | EVGA RTX 2080Ti XC | Samsung M.2 970 512 GB | Samsung M.2 960 2TB [pending] | D5 Next | EK WB Vector series w-blocks | EK WB fittings | XPSC rads | tons of LED gear & equipment | Corsair LL120 RGB | Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM & others.

Wanted something small & compact after the last behemoth I've built.
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Mar 5, 2019
This is my Black Widow Tower. It has had several motherboards in it over time--all by the now defunct ABIT. I'm also an AMD CPU person.
The unique feature about it is, of course, the hourglass mod. I cut that into the steel door myself--sparks flying from the grinder and all--put
the plexiglass window in, and held it in place with car window molding. Now, red lights shine from within to create the color for the hourglass.

Since my motherboard is old (2004), I''m next going to do a massive upgrade and it will have
a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 with 8-core Ryzen CPU and probably 8GB graphics card.
For a full-size server case bought in 1999, it's still a good case, with plenty of places for fans
and plenty of bays. At the time, I wanted the biggest case I could find. Nowadays, I'm exploring
the mini-ITX realm, with two Cooler Master Elite cases (model 110 and model 130).
Jul 21, 2018

Core i3-6100
8 GB DDr4 2666
Samsung 860 EVO 500gb
GTX 1050 2gb
WD Green 2TB
It's put together from parts I salvaged and bought new, plan to upgrade with a i5-6400 and a RX 570.


Mar 9, 2018

GIGABYTE AB350 Gaming 3 -- RGB Fusion
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X @3.7GHZ
DEEPCOOL Captain 120EX Gamer Storm 120mm Liquid Cooling System - RGB
G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-2400 Memory [16GB x2]
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - 11GB - GIGABYTE Aorus Xtreme
2x Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD - 64MB Cache - 7200RPM - 6.0Gb/s

Sorry for the bad lighting :)
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Jun 30, 2009
Here is the build I just finished rebuilding from a Z97 platform using an i7 4790 and a GTX 970. Case, power supply, optical drive, HDD and SATA SSD are recycled from previous build. Before anyone says anything about SLI being pretty much dead, I agree. I couldn't pass up the deal though. I only paid $499 for one new GTX 1070 Ti and $250 for the other one used from a friend. Full parts list in signature.

Jul 21, 2018

Update post: cable managed, upgraded with an RX 570
CPU: i3-6100 @3.7 GHz
RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix DDr4 2666
GPU: PowerColor Red Dragon RX 570
Storage: WD Green 2TB
Boot Drive: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD
PSU: EVGA 450 Bronze 80+
Case Fans: Cooler Master RGB Front Fan | Raidmax 120mm case fan | Crappy generic cooler
Optical Drive: Samsung Blu-Ray player
Motherboard: Asus PRIME B-250 Plus
Case: Raidmax Vortex V4

This PC was built mostly new, with the optical drive, storage, and one of the fans scrapped from a dead HTPC. It cost me around 650 dollars minus my old GTX 1050. Planning to upgrade to an i5 next, though I don't know if that demands a better PSU. I'm also replacing the cooler soon, for better temps and to match the red/black layout.

Userbenchmark Gaming 62%


Jul 11, 2014
This is my first build and it's primarily for photo and video editing. In addition to everything on my build list it has an additional 2GB SSD and 5GB SHDD. I am very happy how it came out and it's largely due to the help I received here! 🆒



That's an amazingly clean looking build, especially for a Cooler master case. I gotta admit, as much as I dislike Cooler master, I think you did a terrific job there. Might could do a little better cable management in the back, but it looks terrific everyplace else, and it looks ok there too just could be better. I wouldn't even normally offer that to most members here, but the build looks so nice I think it' would be worth it in this case.

Then again, if you plan to add custom or pre-sleeved cables at some point, you might just as well wait to do any serious CM until after that. Nice job though.

Vic 40

This is my first build and it's primarily for photo and video editing. In addition to everything on my build list it has an additional 2GB SSD and 5GB SHDD. I am very happy how it came out and it's largely due to the help I received here!
Looks great.:benetton: To add,it's a bottom to top airflow so might be best (if it can fit) to let the cooler blow air to the top,means rotate 90 degrees so that the fan blows from the bottom to the top.