Question Transfer of M.2 to new Computer


Jan 17, 2016
Hello All,
I plan to build and/or purchase a new computer soon, My question is in regards to several drives I have installed. My current computer has a dedicated SSD for the OS, I have separate M.2 and SSD for installed games and Data. I plan to transfer my M.2 with installed games along with another SSD to my new computer, I also plan to name the drives with the same Drive Letter as previously installed and make appropriate shortcuts or copy the same shortcuts so as the games can be found. Do you think all be well and work fine if I use this method? Some of the games I have installed are Xplane 11 , MSFS 2020, and DCS.
It's best practice to just wipe all your drives before an upgrade, but since this isn't an OS drive I guess it is fine.

Everything should work, but shortcuts will probably be deleted.
You can change the drive letter after the fact I'm pretty sure.