Transferring a HDD w/ Windows XP to lower cost for windows 8 on a NEW Computer?


Jul 27, 2013
I am looking to save a little when it comes to getting windows 8 on my New computer I'm building. I currently have an old computer with XP on it, and was wondering if I could use the HDD with the OS to boot my pc up, and then to upgrade to Windows 8. Thanks for any advice with this, and if there are any other ways to get Windows 8 for cheaper than the standard $100, let me know.

most emphatically no.i mean you can try it but it has as much chance as a snowball in hell of working.i would be more inclined to find a copy of windows 7 (should be pretty cheap by now) and install that. if you are intent on doing this we will see other threads from you.
ONLY Illegal unauthorized copies of OSes are sold CHEAPER then what Microsoft has set them for BE WARNED! So no you have to pony up the price (actually it is $179 in the store unless your a student and you can get it for $99 at alot of colleges) if you want the OS.

NO XP is very different then Vista/7/8 and can NOT be 'upgraded' to 8, you have to do a clean install period. There is a nice tool called Windows Easy Transfer for XP, that can backup your 'data' (music, pics, etc.) to a external drive, then use the same tool in Windows 7 (I don't know if 8 has it in it or not) and it will help put things in the right spots or at least advise you where it put it.