Question Trojan Keeps Coming Back After Windows Restart, Won't Remove

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Jul 3, 2016
How long have you been using malwarebytes. The reason I ask this is because you may not be fully aware of how Malwarebytes works. Infections of any kind can be made up of many segments , if you clicked on anything it found before quarantining and deleting you might have seen it say something like joe bloggs pup 5 , this means that joe bloggs pup is made up of 5 segments. This "might" explain why infections are still their.

This is the important bit.... Malwarebytes is one of the best programs around but it cant always get rid of all segments of something on the first scan/quarantine/delete. You must do repeated scans till it finds nothing.

Also try adwcleaner by the same company

Finally , have you been doing any downloading you could have got something you don't know about if you did not scroll down the terms and conditions , its an old trick , companies know people are lazy ( no offence ) so if you had gone to the end of terms and conditions you might have seen some boxes to UNTICK so that you don't get say another browser or a free trial anti virus.

Study your browsers for add ins and extensions you don't recognise and also look in add/remove for items you don't recognise.
Nov 10, 2019
Try downloading a second opinion scanner, like Avast Free or Bitdefender. Also, have you tried running the scan in safe mode, or using an antivirus with a boot scan? (i know avast has one, and also norton has that kind of thing too)
Mar 28, 2020
So I found the culprit behind all of this (at least in my case)
I tried to uninstall so many things

Turns out the cause of this is Smadav

You might want to uninstall this program and clean your computer with malwarebytes and adware
Then restart your computer and see if the folder still comes back

Hope it works for you!
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I'd read up on Freefixer

Remarkably easy to look for things starting up, automatically running, etc., that ought not be there....

At some point, one will 'bite the bullet', and quick format/reinstall....(which takes all of 5 minutes these days anyway if installing from USB flash drive to an SSD)
If you're getting an infestation like this every couple of weeks, the keyboard operator is the issue.
Tru that

Stay off the pirate and anime pr0n sites. Both will warp ya. (And get you viruses)

I also second vote Its in their best interest to help you as its full of virus security experts looking for new exploits so they can defend against them.