Question Trouble Turning On/Waking Up Computer

Apr 19, 2019
I've been having some trouble turning on my computer. When it's asleep and I try to wake it up all the lights turn on but the monitor doesn't get a signal and my mouse and keyboard don't light up.
When I try to turn it on from being shut down there are a couple things that happen. Sometimes it gets stuck on the motherboard screen, sometimes it gets to the screen that says "the last POST failed so it started in safe mode press F1 to continue" but my keyboard and mouse aren't powered, sometimes the screens don't get a signal at all (same as trying to wake), and maybe 1 out of 15 times it actually turns on. When it does turn on it already has all the programs started with the same tabs in chrome and everything even when I unplug my computer wait 5 minutes and plug it back in in between attempts to turn it on. Maybe it isn't being shut down all the way and things just break? I have no idea.