trouble with geforce 5600 HELP!!!!!


Jul 21, 2003
Hey there

I'm currently building a computer and just bought the video card last week i put it in sucessfully and try to turn it on to see if it works to my amazement my bios went beep crazy telling me that it could detect the video card... so i take it out put it in again making sure it's properly seated into the agp slot only to find.....beeeeep beep beep beeeeep beep beep arrrrggghhh. so i tried it on my friends computer and he had the same problem. so i took it back to the company/online store that i bought it off and he said he'd test it and if he had the same problem he'd get a replacement, fair enuff i thought but i just received an email saying that it works fine on his computer!!!! i'm missing just the memory and hard drive for my comp to work properly which i'm buying this week, but it should change it's bios beeps to telling me it can't detect memory right? i need some advice here please cos i can't understand how it didn't work on my or my friends comp and works perfectly on his .... i'm wondering if he's ripping me off, i got the following specs

asus p4p800 motherboard
intel pentium 4 hyper threaded enabled processor 2.4Ghz
auriga geforce 5600fx 128Megs ddr 8xAgp (that doesn't work)

i'll be forever in ur debt if you can help me out here :)


Aug 27, 2002
Ever hear of periods?
You should try them, they break up sentences, making your paragraph easier for other people to read.
Oh, and putting comma's into the right place could go a long way.....


Jan 14, 2003
He's probably not ripping you off. If it was proved that the card didn't work he could face alot of trouble which would be far worse than replacing 1 vid card (just a guess).

It's hard to say what the beeps would do. Frankly I'm surprised that the memory beeps didn't come first (the beeeep...beeeeep....beeeep). Maybe the beeps have some wierd priority scheme. I would continue to build your computer and then see. You would need the memory, ect. anyway so it's not like it will cost you anything. Maybe buy a 10 AGP card off ebay and see if your system works other wise. Make sure your system meets all specs (including power supply). Check any jumpers. I've gotten a brand new retail ti4600 once where the PCB was warped enough that I had to seat the card a few times until the pins connected properly.

Good luck.