Question Trying my luck, Minecraft server hosting issues ?

May 7, 2022
So I'll fill you in a bit. I take it must be unconventional not to ask for help within dedicated minecraft forums and the like, but I swear at least to me this issue is so obtuse I figured I'd go to places were people might know even more about the hardware, software and networking itself that goes into this. Also similar reported "bugs" in the official minecraft website are locked and abandoned as solved and I have no idea why- it doesn't help that the error messages the game provides are lacking and vague.

Hosting a server from your own pc seems relatively straightforward, I've tried with Java 17 and 18 installed, I've set up the port forwarding with my router, done all I can imagine with the firewall, restarted every machine and command-prompt flushed DNS business, and I even borrowed a newer router from a friend set up all the same.

What happens is simple, friends connecting gets timed out seconds into it, and experiences what sounds like a serious case of lag. "internal exception connection reset" I did some browsing on the internet and the interesting thing is that it sounds like people keep finding solutions to it, all wildly different, but each which break again after a short while. Most people seem to settle on using a VPN to mysteriously stabilize something in the aether or please an elder god. IP related questions I take it. I'm not really feeling a monthly subscription for something that worked flawlessly some years back (I suspect... Java 16 and Minecraft 1.15?) Some out there are speculating that the ISP itself is to blame, that packets of data gets dropped randomly and I heard them describe it as an ebb and flow from day to day how serious this is. This.. is pretty much on the serious side, and I doubt it's entirely normal since other games and functions of my internet connection doesn't seem to be having the same kind of existential crisis. It's a very consistent pattern is all. It seems to start failing to send packages immediately. It's just bizarre the way it targets a minecraft server specifically, be it Java reasons or something else.

A thing I've started wondering about is the fact that I live in an apartment and I stick my router directly into the wall, no modem. This has never been an issue before, I've ran servers like this before, which is why it isn't immediately apparent to me what's going wrong. I think I read that apartments usually have a communal kind of internet or however that magic works. All and all I'm stumped as to what could have possibly changed from prior years to now, be it Java itself, minecraft, or something with my ISP.

In any case. If a networking/software genius out there can give some advice I'd be very grateful. This is an invisible curse.



"A thing I've started wondering about is the fact that I live in an apartment and I stick my router directly into the wall, no modem. "

If your landlord is providing internet service to you and other tenets then there is more hardware somewhere.

Normal internet connections generally are as follows (line diagram)

ISP ------> Modem ------- Router ------> End user devices (wired and/or wireless).

Note: The Modem and Router may be combined.

My thought is that there has been some change is the connectivity path to your apartment. New hardware, new configuration settings, security changes, etc..

If the landlord has a modem/router or a router already in place then connecting in your own router may cause all sorts of problems including Double NAT.

The starting point is to check with the landlord and determine how internet service is being delivered to your apartment.

And consider that some other tenet may be "tinkering" with things....
Yeah I don't think its a java issue if the server is up and running.

I think its more or less what was mentioned above, more like a double nat issue, meaning if you open ports in your router it might still be blocked on the other router/modem.

And you can run a minecraft server on a potato and you should still see it hosted if everything goes threw. I know I my dual Xeon server I did have to turn the firewall off at one point for 1 of my minecraft servers, but the other ones were fine with the firewall on, I did sort that out but idk how lol