Question Trying to choose between a 5700x ($210) and 5800x3d ($425) for an upgrade on my R5 3600 in gaming at 1440p (rtx4070). Is the x3d worth 2x the cost?


Jul 13, 2016
I play a wide variety of games, including open world games (e.g. cyberpunk, jedi survivor when its fixed), FPS (splitgate, halo), some sims (civ6, MSFS sometimes) and MMOs (elite dangerous being the main one). I have a 165hz 1440p monitor and 60/120hz 4k TV. I mostly play on my monitor though and like to target higher frame rates (or at least stable frame rates >60fps) at 1440p.

I dont want to upgrade to AM5 just yet. Id rather keep AM4 for as long as possible (3y at least) as I already have the system built and running well.

In most games, the 3600 seems to be good enough with my RTX4070. Online benchmarks show massive improvements for both the 5700x and 5800x3d over the 3600. But that's mostly based on avg FPS and in some cases the base FPS on the 3600 is already huge (>165hz). However, I want to upgrade my CPU before these zen3 chips become scarce (the used market near me is bad) and I want to take advantage of ReBar.

While at 1440p, the 5800x3d doesn't seem to have a massive difference in FPS over the 5700x, I think the real money or things to look at is frame pacing/timing and 1% lows. I've heard the x3d excels at this regardless of whether the game utilizes the L3 cache or not. I cant find much info for the 5700x or direct comparisons in that regard. At 1080p, the x3d seems to do much better than the 5700x as well. While I dont want to play at 1080p, i've come to understand that the x3ds performance gain at 1080p will make a huge difference to DLSS3 performance. Assuming these things are true, it seems the x3d is the way to go. (please correct me if Im wrong)

However, is it really worth over 2 times the price of the 5700x? Would the 5700x still be a noticeable upgrade over the R5 3600 in a wide variety of games at 1440p (with some 4k)? Again I don't really care about max FPS, I want more stable FPS. In cyberpunk at ultra settings (RT on), I can maintain around 50-70fps but there are tons of drops at times that I'd like to get rid of. Is the 5800x3d worth it over the 5700x?

Note that I live in a place with comparatively cheap electricity ($0.095/kWh), I already have a decent cpu cooler (thermalright PA120se) and a case with good airflow (lian li o11d evo with 7 fans).