Two routers and one keeps dropping and reconnecting?


Aug 14, 2012
Right now on my internet, we have U-Verse, so one router is the AT&T U-Verse one which is downstairs and I also have another router upstairs which is a Netgear one. The problem is, the U-Verse always stays up, but on the Netgear router, it will sometimes randomly drop signal and the signal is no where to be found on devices with WiFi. I'd have to disconnect and reconnect the router for it to be seen again.

They are both on the same internet network U-verse, I just have 2 routers because the devices I keep upstairs I connect to the upstairs router.

What is the problem that's going on? I already tried making the upstairs router to like channel 5 and the downstairs router to channel 11.



Is the Netgear router connected to the U-Verse by an Ethernet cable, and configured as a wireless access point with its DHCP off, and the same SSID and security password? Did you give the Netgear a static IP address on the U-Verse that is in the network range but outside of the assignable DHCP range of the U-Verse router?