UK Spy Agencies Violated Privacy Laws For 17 Years, Court Rules

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saw this 1 coming a mile off. ever since william hauge said oversight was key... just looking at the guy as he said it, you could see he was lying through his teeth.
dont get me wrong. if the spy agencies need access to my data they can have it, but they must have good reason and do so with a warrant. this kind of data gathering is not that.

im starting to wonder who exactly these spy agencies are working for and what there agenda is.
its not the fact they have been spying, its the fact that they have been operating with impunity outside the law.

The Tribunal revealed that UK spy agencies’ staff was abusing the bulk data databases even to check up on other staff members, as well as acquaintances, family members, or public figures.

@fixxxer113 would you be happy if your wife/gf went through your search history then gave it to your friends and neighbours. even if you have nothing to hide?...
so why should government agencies be allowed to do it without good reason or a warrant, especially when they have been shown to be abusing there power.


Mar 12, 2008
Somebody now needs to see the INSIDE of a jail cell for this.

Its been long established the government is breaking the law - I couldn't do it and roam free, why can they?


Jul 14, 2007
All western Intelligence Agencies are doing it. The 1% who run the show are afraid of the 99% waking up one morning and wanting it all back. They have run the numbers and need to avoid what happened in Eastern Europe in the early 90's. So they are monitoring looking out for future political dissent to nip it in the bud. Nothing to do with terrorism.


May 24, 2016
Same thing their American counterparts (fascist FED/NSA) in the USA have been doing. They also have willing volunteers (Facebook/Yahoo) who hand over peoples info and other companies who they (Fascist FED) strong arm/blackmail into compliance with their wishes. Want real privacy, don't use electronic communication. One Time Pad maybe.


Jul 13, 2009
Aaaaaaaaaand nobody gets hanged. Why would such an unreasonable thing ever happen in such cases of privacy invasion. Funny how people do the unthinkable and expect "thinkable" consequences. Funny to a point. And that certianly isn't a gunpoint.


Apr 9, 2004
Now that this news is mainstream, I wonder how many hacking organizations are eyeing up this one-stop shopping treasure trove? Maybe one of their disgruntled spies will leak it out.


Sep 17, 2009
It's only an invasion of privacy if a physical person reviewed the data and the info was used against you. As long as it's mass datamining the same way that Gmail and most other email providers give you advertising, it's not an issue in my opinion. Obviously agents abusing the data to find info on random people isn't right, but the overall collection process in my opinion to flag possible terror attacks doesn't bother me.
Feb 18, 2016

Riiigghhttt... Cuz Datamining is just fine, nothing wrong with that, right? Do you honestly believe that?? It's our internet, the quality of it is determined by it's users. With people thinking that way, it'll surely only continue to turn to crap like every other medium of communication has...

In regard to the ruling, I'm actually somewhat surprised anyone left in a court in the UK had the spine to pass such a ruling, good for them, hopefully. Just imagine what our NSA gets away with on a daily basis, not merely violating the constitutionally protected privacy of its own citizens, but those of other nations as well... I feel so much better knowing there's a real life eye of sauron "protecting us from ourselves" and doing the bidding of the .01% of humans who fancy themselves the rightful rulers of the western world. That way the sad state of affairs this world has come to can be maintained with no chance for anything else to grow. Terrific...

LOL, yep..
Back when I was in high school I was told that all phone calls are recorded by the NSA. Back then, not many people believed it. I believed it because I thought about it... How do you protect an entire nation from enemies both foreign and domestic? ... easy.. Listen to their phone calls. Back then it would have been considered a conspiracy theory but thanks to Snowden the truth has been revealed to everyone but I was not surprised at all. What DID surprise me is the amount of shock people had regarding this. What did you expect? It also seems that everyone is pissed about an invasion of privacy but it would be impossible to allow everyone their privacy and protect an entire country.
not really mate as it doesnt explain the mass surveillance of there own populations.
5 eyes was set up to protect us from the communist threat posed by the ussr and china and it was done with oversight.

now we have a system that is in essence watching every 1 and protecting no 1 other than the people that run the system. who it turns out are the people who should be watched the most.
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