Aug 22, 2022
I recently just built a new PC and installed windows 10 on my M.2 SSD. The first day, everything was working fine and I fully updated windows and installed all the apps I needed. The first issues started happening when I tried to turn my PC off for the first time. I would click Shut Down and the monitor would go black but come back with the Windows start screen. This happened a few times before I force shut down the PC by holding the power button.

I didn't think much of it but the next time I tried booting my PC, I got a screen that said "Reboot and select proper boot device."

When going into the bios, I tried booting specifically from my M.2 SSD but still got the same error many times. I'm not sure what's happening here because this PC was working just fine a few hours ago. I have a TUF B550-PLUS motherboard and and my Windows is installed on the Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD. I can provide more info if needed.


Win 11 Master
i wonder if it was booting off the installer, did you remove USB installer at any stage?

When you installed windows 1st time, did you change boot order at all?
Did you put USB as 1st device? (you shouldn't have)

what was boot order before you tried to boot off 970? Did it have anything like Windows Boot Manager?
UEFI boot method uses the Windows Boot Manager in bios to pick which drive to boot off, just choosing the 970 might not work if bios uses Windows Boot Manager... not all bios do.

might need to clear boot order

you might need to start again but this time we see if it works right

put windows installer USB in at boot
go into bios

In bios, look on advanced view/boot tab
scroll down to bottom to find Boot override
pick USB drive from list, PC will restart and boot from installer
on the next restart it will go back to normal boot order