Unable to get into safe mode on windows xp using F8 and run file msconfig?


Feb 25, 2014
Unable to get into safe mode on windows xp using F8 and run file msconfig? I have tried both and I'm not sure what to do now.
Apparently all possible solutions were covered here:

But these can also help:
1. See if editing the Boot.ini file with a Safe Boot switch according to Microsoft's KB239780 helps.. if still unable to boot into Safe Mode,

Safe-Mode Boot Switches for Windows Boot.ini File

2. scan the computer for virus-malware, and if nothing is detected, try an online virus scan, and again try safe mode login.

3. There's also a regedit to force Safe Mode through a Registry edition here:
If you manage to boot into Safe Mode with this Regedit, undo it from the msconfig /SAFEBOOT setting to again boot in Normal Mode.

If after applying forced Safe Mode with any of the above suggestions, it fails to boot in both Safe and Normal Mode, editing the registry remotely from another computer can revert the forced safe mode setting. So, if necessary, do as follows:
In the computer you normally use to access the laptop; Click on Start/Run/Regedit/Enter... place the mouse pointer in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE... go to File Menu/Load Hive... browse to drive C in the Laptop... C:\Windows\System32\config\select SYSTEM\ name the box as "AAA" and Apply... a new key named AAA will appear under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM... Select AAA and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\AAA\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot... the SafeBoot key's right pane data for normal boot is shown in the image below, delete extra data in SafeBoot only, and next delete the key named AAA, and next see if you can boot the computer in normal mode.

The image has menus in spanish sorry, couldnt find one all in english but all registry keys and data are in english so the spanish menus shouldn't pose a problem.