Question Unreal Engine 4 games crashing on my PC


May 28, 2013
I've recently had problems with games regularly crashing on my new PC. I noticed that it has been happening only on games that run off the Unreal Engine 4. The ones I play are PUBG, Fortnite, and Golf It!

The crash occurs as such: I will launch the game and start playing it no problem, then around 15 minutes in, the screen will freeze. Then after about 10-15 seconds the window will close and bring up an error message that looks something like these:


If I try to launch the game and play it again, the same type of crash will happen over a similar period of time. I don't notice my temps getting particularly high or anything alarming like that, and the problem seems to be strictly affecting UE4 games.

My PC Specs:

The 2070 is underclocked by 60 MHz in afterburner. (Crashes were happening before I tried underclocking, and still are after.)
I don't believe there is any overclock on the CPU.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this I would be thankful for any help!
Sep 16, 2019
Sorry, that is not an answer but an other feedback.

I face the same issue as you.
My PC is pretty the same as yours.

Ryzen 3700x
Rtx 2070 super (gigabyte)
Motherboard Z370 aorus elite
2x8 gb 3200 Mhz corsair
2x 250 gb ssd nvme 2280

Bought early August 2019

I face the crashes on Unreal engine games only actually (remnant from the ashes, borderlands 3)
No issue on wolfenstein youngblood.
No issue on the game Control
No issue on Apex Legend

I found a kind of workaround. After a game crash i restart the pc and then i am able to play long period with no crashes.

Keep me update if you can fix it.
I saw in other forum that one Guy fixed sames issue by replacing his memory sticks. Maybe it is a clue...
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Jul 26, 2019
Any text editor , even notepad should be able to open a text based file and read it. Also programs like notepad++ or Atom.

I wish I had more details to speak of. I can't find much of it online and I'm personally not seeing the issue.

Was this always happening? or was this after you updated drivers? It maybe worth while to try to downgrade to a stable driver you had no issues with?