Unusual Manhattan fan color coding


May 11, 2012
For those that may seek an answer to this rather unconventional, non-intuitive color coding (and in case I ever need it again), I noted it.

Manhattan 3 wire fan, wire colors - product 701747
Green: GND (Pin 1)
Black: +12v (Pin 2)
Yellow: Tacho (Pin 3)

Other fans use the same colors, but for other purposes.

While this is an 80mm 3-pin ball bearing fan, I used it to replace a screeching two wire PSU fan. Works a charm with no yellow connection which confirms the pinouts/colors


Does anyone know why vendors have never standardized? I must admit, of all the ill thought out color coding, this is the worst I have seen so far.


May 17, 2012

as for the standardization that would be too much work to see what other people are doing so yea they pick random colors. ... ive seen worse where all 3 cables were green... yea i gave up trying to figure out y anyone would do that but anyway.

there is a general standardization (not set in stone) but this manufacturer chose not to follow it... maybe they got their cables cheaper being that they are non standard colors but who knows.

general standard ive seen on most fans (excluding CPU fans) is below.

Black: GND (Pin 1)
Red: +12v (Pin 2)
Yellow: Tacho (Pin 3)
Teal/Blue: PWM (pin 4)

for some reason cooler manufacturers like to keep us on our toes when it comes to color schemes.