Question Upgrade advice

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Sep 29, 2018
Helo everyone. I'm currently using 1080ti + ryzen 5 2600. Due to prices on graphics cards back to normal has been really tempting to upgrade. I've been looking at Ryzen 7 5700x + Rtx 3070 from Galax. The only reason that stops me from switching to intel because i'm quite lazy to setup everything all over again. Are both parts alright or if i should starting a whole new build? And since i'm using asrock b450m pro4 do i have to update each bios incrementally or simply skip to the latest bios before dropping in new cpu? Anyone's input is appreciated. Thanks.

My specs:
Ryzen 5 2600
Inno3d Gtx 1080 ti x2
2x8gb klevv bolt 3000mhz
Coolermaster 850w SM 80+silver psu
Crucial mx500 ssd
Fractal design arc mini r2
Asrock b450m pro4
I’ve got a 3080 myself so I understand. I’m just saying between the 2 the ti is a better card. However the 3080 should be just fine. I’d guess the 3080 will be about equivalent to a 4060 or 4060ti. As long as the card works right and you can keep it cool it should serve you well I’d imagine. I’m at 1440p, I think the 3080 could even do a bit of 4K. So you should be fine at 1440p. At 1080p the 3080 would be a beast.

Anyway pick up the 3080 if you are more comfortable with that. I was looking back through your posts and see you are only at 1080p. So the 3080 might even be overkill.

You might consider seeing what a 3070 runs, and see about picking up a 1440p monitor. I went to 1440p a few months ago and let me tell you, that was one of the best visual upgrades I’ve done. For example I don’t know if you’ve played world of warships, but it was cool to zoom in on my battleship and then be able to look into the barrel of the cannons and see the rifling in the barrel. Just the extra detail everything seemed more crisp. Another gpu if you consider the 3070, you may look at the 6700xt or 6750xt. Those are amd cards but close to the 3070. Or you can get the 3080 now and get the monitor later. I figure at 1440p I should be ok another 2 years or so before I need to upgrade again.