Question upgrade suggestion

Feb 17, 2019
Sup guys . I got a used pc for around 280 $
it has the following :
Pentium g4560 3.5 GHz 2c/4t
H110m mobo
AMD Rx 560 4gb
8 Gb of Ram
450 W power supply
240 gb ssd

upgrade cpu or gpu ?

sweet deal isn't it :) . I am very satisfied with the performance as I have a 1080p 60 hz monitor .
I tried csgo and as expected thing are flawless and the 60 hz monitor is a good excuse to use vertical sync .

However things started to look rough . when I had to lower settings in SEKIRO to get 40-50 fps medium high . And after in one of my favourite series Just cause 4 I had to lower some stuff to low to keep it at around 40 fps (and believe me . it doesn't look good in 1080p ) .and after the release of the Battlefield 5 pacific DLC . and call of duty modern warfare and several games . I kinda feel left behind .
ofc as a private university student . my budget will be low for an upgrade (which wont happen for around 3-6 weeks ) around 100-150$ .and I have to get new HDD as my external one is extremely slow . what do you guys suggest ?

TL:DR : upgrade cpu or gpu ? . 100 -150 $ . Living in turkey (istanbul) . can get used parts if suggested . Thanks
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