Question Upgraded to a 5950X, target speed is set to 3.4 Ghz

Aug 12, 2021
Hi everyone, I recently took the opportunity of upgrading to a 5950X from a 5600X since I had a savings offer plus the sale. Fast forward to installation, everything looked fine. Booted up, went to the BIOS and noticed a few things. The biggest one is that the target speed from the CPU was set to 3.4GHz, compared to 4.1 on what the 5600X used to be. I usually don't mess with target speeds or OC since I don't really venture on those fields. But I was wondering why it set so much lower that the 5600X. I enabled ASUS Optimal, and DOCP. I played a couple of games and the performance stayed about the same if not a little better. Plus I have set my computer for optimal performance when playing certain games like Warzone. I was able to hit 165+ FPS while running ultra settings with DLSS on Performance.
So my question is, is this target speed something normal or should I be looking at changing other settings or the ones that I have already set. What are the recommended settings to enjoy good performance without necessarily OC the CPU.

Mobo: B550-F (Gaming)
Storage: ADATA XPG PRO SX8200 1TB (Boot and local Files) / Samsung 980 Pro 2TB (Games)
RAM: 4X8 (3600Mhz DDR4)
GPU: 3070ti Zotac
PSU: 750W
Cooling: 360mm AIO (Front) 2x140mm (Top) 1x120mm (Rear)
Windows 10 (64-Bit)

All BIOS updates are installed via Armoury Crate and I constantly look for any additional updates from Intel, Windows 10, and NVIDIA.