Upgrading a Dell Studio 540 graphics card, maybe PSU too


Aug 6, 2011
My husband's Dell Studio 540 is struggling to run SWTOR and he's also wanting to get Battlefield 3. I'm looking at upgrading his graphics card for him but trying to see if we can get away without doing the PSU as well. Specs are:

Intel Quad 2.33GHz
Mobo: 0M017G A00
Standard dell studio 540 psu which appears to be 300 or 350 W

Currently graphics card is a 4670.

Based on other posts in these forums I reckon we could put a 5770 in it without needing to upgrade the PSU so this is Plan A. I'd prefer a 6850 but I'm fairly certain this would need a PSU upgrade, yes?

However, I'd prefer to put an Nvidia card in it. I'm running the GTX 460 but I guess that would require a PSU upgrade? Any good Nvidia options that wouldn't need a PSU upgrade please?

Budget for graphics card is up to around £110 (might go a bit higher if I'm not getting a PSU but I doubt I'd need to). I don't want to buy a PSU if I can get a decent upgrade without one but if we buy one it would probably be the Antec EarthWatts 380 (about £40) or 450 (about £55) unless there are better options.

Thanks for your help!

ETA: PSU is Bestec ATX0350P5WA (so I guess that's 350W then :D) and says:
3.3VA & +5V 160W Max
12VA & + 12VB 300W Max


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