Question Upgrading from GeForce 980 GTX, AMD or Nvidia for 3x LG 4K Monitors? Freesync, HDR, or ?


Jun 21, 2011
I just purchased 3x LG 27BK85U Monitors, and I am now looking to upgrade my nVidia GeForce 980 GTX ASAP.
These monitors support HDR10, have Displayport 1.2, and Freesync (I don't know if it's Freesync 2 or not). I bought them because they were just a hell of a deal for a 27" 4K monitor with HDR.

I do not play the latest/greatest games, and I am not a huge fan of Shooters or big Co-Op games. I'm an old school RPG/MMORPG guy. Games I'm currently playing (most for a 2nd or 3rd time) are Torchlight II (waiting for the new one), Path of Exiles, My Time at Portia, Dungeons 3, and a couple random games from Humble Bundle.

I want something that will allow me to play those games maxxed out on a single monitor, but will drive all 3 monitors reliably. Currently my 980GTX is driving 2 of them fine, but the 3rd one blinks on and off about once every 5 minutes. All are in SDR.

Here is my issue. These support HDR, and I would like HDR, I watch a lot of TV/Movies on this PC that have HDR. These monitors have Freesync, BUT I don't know if they support Freesync AND HDR at the same time (Freesync 2 does, but I don't k now if these are Freesync 2). Finally, is Freesync worth going with AMD over nVidia?

I have had nVidia cards since probably the early 2000s, mostly because when I went to purchase they were always the hands down best at the time. I am looking to upgrade, but I do not need the bleeding edge. I was looking at the AMD Radeon VII or RX 590 (I was unclear where the RX Vega line fell). $400-500 is a good sweet spot for me, but I'm willing to go to $700-800 if it's really worth it. HDR is more important to me than Freesync, so a good nVidia recommendation is also appreciated. The only thing I need to ensure is that the card has 3x DisplayPorts.

I currently have a Gigabyte X99-UD4 mobo, and an eVGA 850GS PSU. The only other thing in my system aside from the video card are two SSD drives.
I'll probably upgrade the mobo in the not-too-distant future.

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Sep 19, 2018
Most cards have 3 or more display ports (e.g. My RX570 has 3 DP's and 1 HDMI). Nvidia recently released a feature meaning freesync will work with Nvidia cards, they only officially support 15 monitors but should work all the same even without those 'official monitors'. And no your monitor does not have freeync according to AMDs web page.