Upgrading from onboard graphics to a video card?


May 23, 2009
Im putting a PNY GeForce 9400 GT video card in my brothers gateway computer. He is currently using onboard video. I was wondering if i need to disable the onboard graphics before i put the video card in. He would like to have both both enabled so he can use one for a TV and one for the monitor. If I need to disable onboard graphics, i was wondering how exactly to do that. (im guessing it involves the bios). Thanks in advance.
You may or may not need to go into BIOS at all. You can pop the card in and see what happens. If you get nothing on screen when the OS boots . . .

All BIOS are different but the principles are the same.

- Reboot the PC, and at the first sign of screen activity, repeatedly press whatever key gets you into "BIOS" or "SETUP". This can be "DEL", or perhaps a function key. Often the key will be identified on that first screen. Look quick :)

- Once in BIOS setup, find the "page" (arrow keys, enter key) that deals with "integrated graphics" . . . might be called "Integrated Peripherals" or similar.

- Find the onboard graphics adapter, and select the best available option for your purpose. Might be "disable onboard graphics", might be "use PCIe graphics card first", etc

Your BIOS will have info on which keys do what somewhere on the screen.

Good luck!