Upgrading GPU from 8800 GTS


Apr 23, 2008
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Between now and the end of the year, I will keep my eyes open for deals.

BUDGET RANGE: Under $140


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: eVGA 8800 GTS 512 (g92) / OCZ StealthXStream 600W

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: e8400 @ 3.6ghz, GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L, OCZ DDR2 800(@960) 2P8004GK. Air cooling, good ventilation

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Probably Newegg, but I'd buy from somewhere else to get a deal.

PARTS PREFERENCES: A quality manufacturer

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, probably keep voltages close to stock though.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking to run 1080p with settings fairly high and good FPS (SC2, BF3, Diablo 3). I've taken a few contenders from Toms best for money Oct: Radeon 5770/6770, Radeon 6790, Radeon 6850, GTX 460, and Radeon 6870. I'm not sure whether these would be bottle-necked by my CPU or not, any information about that would be greatly appreciated. My recent monitor upgrade has prompted this upgrade, as I'm not running 1280x1024 anymore.
Hello... i went from my GTS 8800 512 to a GTX 460 1gig... you wont believe how smaller the card is and cooler it runs!!!! ... GPU is 70C in SC2 @1080P as my GTS 8800 would touch the 90C.

But I did this months ago so... GTX560 will be the newer version... also I would recommend you looking for the rear mounted fan type (looks like the STD GTS 8800) for pure rear case exhaust... alot of the models you see the fan design will just re-cycle the heat/air in your case... my first GTX460 did that...and my case/motherboard/CPU were very hot to touch !!!! even tho my GPU was 70C...

I have since then bought a rear exhausting type model of the GTX 460... and am so much happier with temps and performance for <$140.

You will have HDMI/DVI outputs with sound out HDMI for HDTV if you so choose... with this model... And power supply will not have to be changed.
i recently upgraded from 8800gts to 6850, its a nice upgrade. the gtx460 would be a similar performance upgrade. If you can spend the extra $$ i would recommend going for the 6870 or gtx560 for your monitor resolution. My 6850 runs ok at 1080p, but you will find yourself turning a few detail settings down in some games.