Question Upgrading Graphics Card - Compatibility


Aug 11, 2011
Hi all, appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and help.

Like many others, probably, I am finding that my PC is struggling to run the latest and best looking titles, specifically Cyberpunk for example! I drop below 60fps quite a lot on even medium settings and the game is a potato on low.

I have an Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz (8 CPUs) - Task manager advises I have 4 cores and 8 logical processors (threads).

Edit: FYI I have an Geforce GTX 1080 - 8GB Vram

I am considering upgrading to a 3070 if I can ever get my hands on one.. but I am concerned this is dumb because my CPU will bottleneck it. Do you think this will be a large issue? Perhaps a little bit of limitation wouldn't be an issue but if it's pointless I'd like to know in advance!

Thanks for your time,
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Hello Glen

Bottlenecking is severly overrated
let's say for the sake of example that your cpu will bottleneck a 30XX seires gpu by 10 pct

So what, even with a 10 pct bottleneck it will still churn out gorgeous visuals, and if you upgrade your platform at some point in time, it will work at full potential

Why limit your next upgrade to fit your "weakest" component"??

Every system has a bottleneck in some way, be it with mobo ssd speeds, or ram to cpu ratio etc

TLDR don't pay too much attention to bottlenecks, if you feel like upgrading your gpu, because you want more performance, go for it