Upgrading my network. Suggestions please


Dec 16, 2016
Hi. My current router is about 7 years old and it's time to upgrade. My current system is a Netgear Router connected to a Netgear range extender. My home is 3200 sq ft. 1600 up 1600 down. Currently upstairs is where 90% of the wifi traffic goes but the basement will be finished soon and I need something to cover the whole house. I have above intermediate networking skills. I've narrowed my choices down to Google Wifi or Orbi just because of personal preference but I will take suggestions ( just upgrade my router and keep range extender?). Amazon has the Orbi for $120 off right now so I'm leaning towards that. I currently have my PC and PS4 hardwired but I could do without the PS4 if necessary. There will be up to 10 devices connected. Thanks
I would look at the Ubiquity Unifi line.

I run a Unifi Security gate, 16 port 150w PoE switch, and 2 UAP-AC lite AP

The AP's come with power injectors as well as mesh together so really you only need a hard line to one in the middle of the house and the others would mesh off it. I hard wired everything in the house since its a one story with basement, AP's are on each end of the house and cover everything so walking through the house on a table is no issue.
Sep 22, 2016
There are lots of options. Have you considered Ethernet wiring in all or part of your basement? When my house was redone, I wired Ethernet to a number of places and repurposed an old router connected via Cat-6 (old router in bridge mode) to serve as a range extender. No need to get rid of all of that old equipment when it can be put to good use. I also wired whatever I could since it's superior to wifi and leaves the wifi network to things that truly need it.

Computer (HTPC)
Router serving as a range-extender
Apple TV
Sonos Connect AMP

I also threw in a few strategically placed Cat 6 wall outlets where I could so that I had the option to wire more stuff in the future.

Unmanaged switches and patch panels are cheap (<$150 for both-I got a 16 port switch)