Upgrading NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE


Jan 2, 2013
I play second life and am using 6150 E after about 10 minutes my computer shuts down.
the only way to stay on longer is to have a home fan on high blowing into my computer then I can stay on for as long as I want. The problem is only with playing on second life other wise my computer runs great.
any Ideas like do I need to upgrade my video card , or could this be another problem with it over heating?
Thank you in advance.
yes indeed it is an overheating problem....may be second life is what is the most demanding game that you are running.

try cleaning up your gpu off dust if there is any and check if the fan is still functioning properly.also try reapplying a fresh coat of thermal paste to the gpu heat sink.

also update the drivers from nvidia web site.