Question Upgrading old Acer Aspire cpu to run as home server or nas?

Kitsune Aoi

Oct 29, 2015
I have the AM1641 with a E2220 and the AX3810 with an E5200 in them that I am wanting to upgrade to an adequate quad core for each. Any one know what the compatible cpus for either or both systems would be? Haven't been able to find any exact info. I know that they are older systems but seeing as how some of the quad core LGA 775 cpus are less than $10 I am looking at just replacing the cpus instead of trying to replace the motherboard and CPU.

Just trying to repurpose and squeeze what I can out of the spare systems that I have laying around here. Probably just going to order them from aliexpress but with limited funds for this I am wanting to be sure that I get compatible cpus and not waste the money on one that won't work in the systems.

I also have a spare I5 2400s pulled from an all in one system but the LGA 1155 motherboards plus some more DDR3 memory just to get the machines running is not financially feasible for now compared to 1 or 2 cpus for $10 to $20.

Running Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 1600X and Phenom II X4 965 systems for the family to game on but looking to consolidate Music, Videos and important files onto a server setup for the family.
First and foremost, I would not buy fake cpus from china. Not only are you cheating Intel, but they may have malware baked in as well as performance issues due to poor quality control of fakes. Plus, don't believe the reviews as they are fake as well. You can get genuine used ones here in the US. They cost a bit more but are more than likely the real deal. You do have to beware of importers importing the fakes though. Most of them don't have inventory atm though so you should be safe for now.

The M1641 seems like it should be upgradeable all the way to the fastest quad core, the q9650 as I found evidence of people installing Q8200 and Q9400 processors in it:

You will need to check if there are any new bios revisions as this processor support may come from an updated bios.

The X3810 seems to have the same upgrade capability, although if the AX3810 is a different model then there may be issues:

Same bios notes apply.

Personally, I've used the q6600, q8200 as well as q9400 and q9500/9550 since they are significantly cheaper and run almost as quick. Unless you're needing every ounce of speed, these can be great upgrades:

Your current processors have pretty good single thread performance so the only speed upgrades will be the q9500 and above. But all the others do add additional cores, so that may be enough depending on what you are running and the load.

And don't forget about the e8600 if you want just need full out single thread performance versus cores:

I've used this processors in several of my systems and it really brings first gen icore performance to the lga platform:

Hope this helps!
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