Question Upgrading RAM and having issues..

Jul 16, 2020
I am trying to use 2 sticks of 16gb 3200 MHz. I have a Gigabyte x470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING-CF motherboard, when I try using 2 sticks of ram in slot A-2 and B-2 it works fine, no errors in memtest also. But if I turn on XMP which should take it to 3200Mhz then my pc will just not boot, not even into bios. If I restart it then it will boot and if I go into bios it says bios settings have been reset. If I run the sticks in single channel, it boots with XMP so it's running at the right speed but I get blue screens of death and a lot of errors on Memtest, the ram is fine, even got replacement sent and same thing happens. What can be causing this? (also updated bios/drivers to see if it would fix, it did not.)

TLDR: My PC doesn't turn on when XMP is on. Without XMP it runs perfect which runs it at like 1066Mhz according to CPU-Z. Single channel with XMP = BSOD randomly but boots still.

EDIT: I also have ryzen 2700x which I've heard/read they have problems with higher speed RAM.
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