Question Upgrading RAM - quick question!!

Apr 8, 2020
So my current pc has this ram (same from both sources):
Feel free to skip to the bottom for my question, but basically I am looking to upgrade my ram and I checked my inner pc to verify what ram I have and that I had extra slots; I understand that although its not recommended to mix ram brands, as long as key specs are the same it should be somewhat fine.

My question is: I am not sure if my ram is DDR3 or DDR4, or completely something different? All i have to go off of is a shady amazon listing that "says" its ddr4, but every other source says nothing about it. Also, What specs should I absolutely make sure are the same while looking for a new ram? Honestly all I know so far is that I need to match memory (8gb) and shoot for 2666mhz.
Honestly, im just looking to save 20 bucks and get something like,aps,318&sr=8-2 , which is from a more trustworthy seller too. Anyways, this was such a long post and if you made it this far, I am very appreciative of you whether or not you can help me! Thanks a lot!
If you download "CPUz" it will tell you everything about your RAM stick(s)

PC4 = DDR4

If you buy and add that 2400MHz stick, your current 2666MHz kit will run at 2400MHz also. Also take a quick look at "CAS Latency" on your existing kit and try to match that with another 2666MHz one. (Looks like your current stick is CAS 19, bigger number = slower in this case)

I didn't look very hard, but this stick is faster and cheaper
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