Upgrading Thinkpad 390e


Mar 5, 2003
I recently bought a P2 400mhz cpu to replace the 333mhz cpu that came with the Thinkpad 390e. They have the same form factor, except that the heatsink for the 400mhz is originally bigger and can't fit on 390e (it was made for the 600e). Has someone done this or is there any problems forthcomming associated to what I'm about to do?
Yes expect a little bit of smoke and a trip to the store to buy a new computer.
LAptops are built to extreme heat tolerances / confines.
If you can fit it inside the case fine, but even still the airflow may not be good enough to evacuate from the board.
It's always risky, especially since it's made for a different setup.
Yeah I'd love to do that to my 390E (366 doesn't cut it) but it's not like a desktop, you may not be able to get the heat to disipate fast enough.
The only people I've seen upgrade thier CPUs have ended up tweaking an add on fan or moding their case to increase airflow.

None the less good luck!

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