(Used Parts) Graphics card (r9 270x) doesnt let the system boot

Jan 2, 2016
Im not a native english speaker so, if i miss-write, please dont be harsh. So i have this r9 270x which doesn let pc's boot, i have tried a lot of things but i dont know what to do. I have tested this graphics card with a fx 8350/sabertooth 990fx system and an i5 6500/h110m-hdv system but the only thing that happens, is that when i try to turn them on all the fans and lights in the pc turn on by like a moment, is not even a second and then turns off, then i try to turn on the pc and nothing happens, i have to switch the switch on the psu for seconds before i can try to turn on the system again just to find the same result, the system turning on like by a fraction of second and then turning off. Ihave tried a lot of power supplies, an evga supernova 850, cm silent pro m.2, kcas 700w, corsair vs 400. Also i tried the systems with gtx 950 and 980 ti and they boot properly. Im a used parts seller so i have no problem to test multiple variables, so i dont know why this graphics card doesnt even boots. Also if i remove the energy cable of the graphics card, the system boots :/


Jul 19, 2018
The GPU most likly does have a short circuit and the reason why you need to unplug your PSU in order to be able to restart that system is the Short Circuirt Protection of your PSU. Unless you are really good at soldering tiny components there is no way to bring this card back to life on your own.