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Using dual DVI and HDMI at the same time.


Oct 30, 2010
I currently run four monitors off of two dual-DVI video cards, all as separate monitors. I want to add a 40" HDTV via an HDMI cable.

I would buy two new matching cards that have dual DVI for the two monitors, plus an HDMI output. I am thinking of a 5750-70 or a Fermi card. I am not considering crossfire/SLI, nor do I want to use DisplayPort.

1. How do the DVI outputs work together with the HDMI output?
2. Can two monitors and an HDTV be hooked up to the card at the same time?
3. Does the HDMI output duplicate one of the DVI outputs?
4. Can the configuration of outputs be switched on/off via the video card driver in the Windows monitor display settings?
5. Since the HDTV has its own picture-rendering circuitry, do the two monitors and the HDTV resolutions need to be added to figure the total resolution required of the video card, or does the HDTV supply its own "resolution capacity"?
6. If the three devices cannot be used at the same time, is there a simple video switch avaialbe to accomplish this?


Oct 25, 2010
I am also curious about this, with a radeon hd 6870 if I connect 2 monitors via dvi and one tv via hdmi, will there be any problems switching through the ati control panel?