Aug 16, 2012
I am trying to hookup a 2Wire wireless router on my works network. I am trying to do this without effecting other devices and without my signal being detected. I understand how to hide the signal. I also read somewhere that I need to change the router configuration from Dynamic to Static because if I don't my router is going to be giving IP addresses to printers and other devices nearby and its going to mess things up. My question is how do I manually change the configuration to Static? There are all kinds of options on the setup page that go with Static IP option, such as ATM settings, I have no idea what these are such as, VPI=0 VCI=35 ATM Encapsulation=LLC. Then there is IP settings IP Address=(my ipad or computers ip address or the router's ip address?) Subnet Mask, Defalt Gateway. Then there is DNS Settings.

I tried plugging the router into the ethernet outlet and the router worked. I was able to access the internet. But I took it out because I didn't want it messing up other devices with the dynamic protocol.

I would like to set this up with out causing problems. Any help is appreciated.
The issue is not static vs. dynamic IP. In fact, you're better off using a dynamic IP so you don't inadvertently create an IP conflict w/ other devices on the network. If that should happen, ppl will be getting popups declaring that conflict!

What you need to do is disable the router's DHCP server. Failure to do THAT will create havoc. And since you can only use it as a wireless AP, all the other setting you mentioned are completely irrelevant. All you have in your hands is little more than a wireless switch.