Valve Says Its Anti-cheat System Doesn't Spy on Users

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Feb 14, 2012
Well, I hate cheaters. I also have a feeling that even if Valve was spying on me they aren't the only ones. At the end of the day, I like Steam and love the sales, and as long as it doesn't affect my in game experience or my bank account, then do what you have to do. No complaints here.


Feb 3, 2006
No that's not what he's saying at all. Before you get on your soap box you should gain some basic comprehension skills. Besides like others said, I don't mind Valve spying on my midget porn if it keeps bans cheater's who ruin games. On a similar note learn to have some fun and play the game without cheats.
Thanks for your input ddpruitt. This is the part that I'm referring to:
check was done by looking for a partial match to those (non-web) cheat DRM servers in the DNS cache.
I'll say it again: "Yes, granted, the possibility of a client of yours that isn't cheating who visits or contacts those servers is very, very low, but it's the principle that I'm questioning." If the VAC detects whatever it thinks is dodgy code, and then check the DNS cache and finds entries matching cheat servers, then I would imagine that the probability that the person is cheating is near 100%. Great. Nail the cheaters. They spoil it for everyone else.Don't get me wrong, I'm not against not finding the people who ruin experiences for everyone else. It's the principle of forcing on your clients the restriction of what they can and can't do on the hardware /that they own and probably built themselves/ just so that they can run the software that they paid for that I'm questioning. Unless they change their purchase contract to "pay us x amount of money, don't run y programs and don't contact z servers and then we'll let you play our game" I think that's pretty dodgy.Do we need ways of preventing people from ruining the online experiences of others? Yes.Should we do that by taking away the freedom of use that people have over their own hardware? That's debatable, but in my opinion, no.And for the record, I create non-free, propriety non-open source software as a job.
Here's the part you don't seem to grasp, they're talking about addresses that are there expressly for the purpose of making sure you aren't stealing the cheats. There isn't a website at that address. If you typed the IP into Chrome, it would give you 404 not found error. There's nothing there but a DRM server to checking to make sure your hacks are legit. What was your point, again?


Feb 21, 2014
I don't understand what I am reading here ... I really hope you guys aren't that STUPID ... In some of the comments you (sheep) are saying that you willfully give up more freedoms as long as someone doesn't hack in a GAME? A phawking GAME? you are worried about a game instead of this company spying on you, getting your personal information. I swear Americans are dang addickted to the Kool Aid. You rather have them spy on you .. they have no right! why should we bend over ? why are they explaining themselves ... cause they got caught .. that's why ... and you phucking sheep are ok with that .. Minds are warped .. truly .. this is crazy world .. the twilight zone .. Im not letting vac or steam off that easy.
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